Escape From Tarkov Reserve Exit Map – All PMC and SCAV Exits

Escape from Tarkov PMC and SCAV Exits

Escape From Tarkov is among the unique battle royale we have seen in recent times. What separates this game from those in the lead Battle Royale is the slow-moving, deeply tactical action needed to take the opponent’s advantage. Maybe that’s why it has recently gained so much popularity.

Beginners of the game would like to play a map of mountainous terrain and homes with the proper mix so that the Reserve Map is suitable for them. This is a nice spot with enough loots to survive a full-blown nuclear apocalypse.

What is Escape From Tarkov Reserve Map?

The Reserve stands for the Federal State Reserve Agency’s foundation, in short for the game. It houses a hub for airspace monitoring, named Novinsky-2.

The escape from tarkov reserve map is generally supplied with the military base, which contains many of the stuff around. Even, you can have access to an underwater bunker on the same base. Players up to 10 can access the map, which is available for player scavs and PMCs.

Stuff to be explored in Escape From Tarkov Reserve map

Reserve Map All Exit Locations 1

The map includes many loot areas and depending on the number of keys you hold, you can find enough wealth. You will find scavs, two stationary guns, etc., in addition to the variety of areas. When we talk about the scavs in tarkov’s reserve map, scavs will be spawned into the latest update, but raiders have a strong potential to show up and hunt PMC. The NSV 12.7X108 is a heavy machine gun in terms of the stationary weapons added for the reserve map. Besides, the AGS-30 grenade rocket will also be fitted.

Hidden Loot:

It’s often said that secret locations are discovered in Reserve. However, compared with those on other maps such as Customs or Shoreline, they are not lootable. It is possible to be added later by the creator. Meanwhile, underneath a shack people like to farms there’s a little hiding area.

Extraction Points:

  • First of all, the armored train near the rolling stock repair and maintenance depot will be on this list that is available for both PMCs and Scavs. You won’t always know when a train comes during a raid as it honks for two occasions and remains in the field for 7 minutes.
  • The bunker entrance, which is near the military guard barracks. It can be used many times, but players must first go to the helicopter’s shack southwest and use the lever for opening the door there. The door is open for four minutes once activated.
  • The last exile point that someone can use is the sewer manhole by the maintenance and repair point. It is always open, but you need one thing: when you extract, you can’t have a backpack.
  • The Cliff Descent behaves similarly to the specific Woods Map of Cliff Descent/Mountain Stash extraction point as a PMC-only extraction point. To get out of this place, you have to pick up the Paracord and the Red Rebel (RR). The removal point is up the radio tower to the north, and you step up to it behind the main building and the metal stairway. Dump any armored vest you wear and move into the enclosed corner with a single tree in it to start extraction.
  • Don’t let the name confuse you; all PMCs and Scavs have the Scav Lands extraction point. The main thing is, to begin it, you would need a Scav and a PMC. Either partner up with a mate or make (if you dare) an unlikely alliance to try to extract here throughout the game. It is in a small alcove in the southwest with a pile of sandbags and an armored automobile.

Reserve Exit Map

Dangerous Areas:

For PMC players, escape from tarkov reserve map is a very complicated map as the extracts are made for Scavs. Each PMC extract has specific requirements that make the precious loot in the Reserve harder to escape. That’s why I like to run this map as a scav to prevent the large number of AI Scavs in those areas.

  • White Pawn
  • Black Pawn
  • Black Bishop
  • White Knight

I normally pass through many AI scavs on the left side of the map near the high buildings. There are a helicopter and some marked structures in the middle of these buildings. This square is flanked by the White Rabbit, Black Pawn, and Black Bishop. On either side of each house, normally close to the top at a corner, every chess piece is colored.

Final Words

There’s a lot to learn about escape from tarkov reserve map, so we’ve assembled every piece of information to find out about the key points. We hope you enjoyed the article and received the details you want about escape from tarkov reserve map.

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