[CONFIRMED] When is the Next Escape from Tarkov Wipe Date?

Next Escape from Tarkov Wipe Date

The much-anticipated wipes are coming to Tarkov’s Escape. For Escape from Tarkov, patch 12.9 will be released in 3 hours. A new map, in addition to the various game fixes, and other minor modifications. Finally, the game gets its much-awaited wipe. The Battlestate Games’ survival shooter game has recently approved the date for its official release. 

A wipe will be there:

Escape from Tarkov wipe, your server will finally get wiped. Because of its perfect outdoor RPG survival structure, the game has gained massive popularity since its update. Imagine Rust, mix it with PUBG. Exit campers were one of the most significant issues that individuals faced.

You are utilized to evaluate loot in the game and to finish operations with your squad. In the end, they have to leave the map via exits to add everything to their collection. Players with high armor and heavy guns began to camp at the exit doors since the game gained massive popularity. To take all the loot from unsuspecting individuals. For newer players, this has created an enormous problem.

The entire community has been applying for another wipe for the previous year. Its development aspect is the best big part of the game. Many professional streamers on their characters say that once they have reached a certain level. The thrill of the game of survival is gone. The player base is not unique to the wipe concept, a couple of times before the servers were wiped. Usually, it is met with a lot of enthusiasm.

Complete note of patch 12.9:

The complete patch notes on the Tarkov Forum as uploaded by the developing crew are as follows;

  • Added and altered.
  • “Expanding “Woods.
  • Reworked original gear sets from PMC.
  • Added head and voice customization when making characters: Right now, only two new heads have been added for each faction. After the surface is made, you can’t change your head and voice. Only after a profile reset or wipe will you be able to do it.
  • Added ‘Immunity’ abilities.
  • Metabolism” Reworked.”
  • The volume of steps and interaction with vegetation has been reduced.
  • A possibility has been added to allow bullets to bleed. Now, more often than other rounds, some ammo can cause heavy or light bleeding.
  • Now some face shields and glasses will limit the time of blindness impact from flashbang rounds and grenades.
  • Players will be getting letters with a supply kit for the first seven days of games.
  • The “All” button has been added to the purchasing menu when buying from distributors through the Flea market. With a single click, you can now select all available objects.
  • Filters in the W-List category are now individually updated and do not impact any tabs in the Flea market.
  • In most chat screens, the “Enter” button now confirms the action.
  • Slot highlighting will now be removed as you drag things into your store.
  • Upon death, equipped armbands are now unbootable and will not be destroyed.
  • The letter with the exit award will now arrive with a small pause in cooperation with the scav.
  • For mods mounted on the transported object, containers can apply restriction filters. I.e., it is no longer permitted to place an amount with a thermal sight mounted on it in a sealed container.
  • New weapons and apparel are added: tops and bottoms of PMC, body armor, rigs, Smoke balaclava, and Scavs tops.
  • The specifications of a significant number of firearm mods have been changed.
  • Simplified quests from Jaeger.
  • Some quests have been updated: modified criteria for completion, beginning conditions, incentives.
  • The reduced recoil reduction bonus from controlling the recoil and the firearm applies to natural abilities.
  • Overweight characters now arrive at 35 kg. They are used to be 40.
  • It increased order caps from dealers on certain ammunition.

New Munitions and Weapons:

  • KRISS 9×19 and .45 Vector SMG.
  • A .300 Blackout SIG MCX Assault rifle.
  • UMP SMG from .45.
  • Mk-18 mod 1 DMR from Mjölnir at .338 LM.
  • 300 blk, .338 Ammunition Lapua Magnum.
  • Various mods for new weapons.

Tarkov’s Escape: AI

  • Behind stationary arms, fixed bots were hanging.
  • A problem was patched where Killa did not notice the enemies from behind approach.
  • Other different updates and optimizations for the bot.
  • Tarkov’s Escape: Optimization
  • Optimizations in animation with interfaces.
  • Optimization of RAM sounds.
  • Optimizations for servers.

Tarkov’s Escape: Fixed

  • The objective of a GL40 with Reflex sights.
  • After opening the inventory, the character’s body’s location during the blind shooting was not reset.
  • Blinding was applied even though the player used a thermal imager.
  • When the player used it when in the blind fire role, the stationary machine gun was withdrawn from its frame.
  • The tops and bottoms of the opposing category may be included.
  • It was not necessary to change the nickname if the current nickname was 15 characters long.
  • Immediately after synchronization, the scope’s range value would not adjust if the weapon had two sights on it.
  • After swapping arms, a duplicate weapon could hang behind a player’s back for a couple of seconds.
  • Some trousers had a fitted pistol hanging outside the holster during the fitting on the Ragman service screen.
  • The spectator did not see the player testing his weapon’s firing mode.



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