Escape from Tarkov: The Interchange Map is now getting Rework

Escape from Tarkov Interchange Map

While Battlestate Games has not revealed all that it’s improving, it has announced that new exit points can be accessed by Interchange.

While Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Fortnite continue to be among today’s most successful online shooters, thanks to an increase in popularity on Twitch, the independent first-person shooter Escape from Tarkov has built a very loyal fanbase over the last few months. These players, particularly the favorite community Interchange, have come to recognize the maps reasonably well.

What’s an Interchange?

The Junction is situated at the Intersection of the significant transport roads of Tarkov, so it is named accordingly.

There is the “ULTRA” shopping center in the center of Interchange, where participants can find about everything from provisions to electronics) and three supermarket chains (Goshen, OLI, and IDEA).

The shopping center’s 1st floor is also the domain of a heavily armed Scav Boss named Killa.

If a player destroys Killa, they can earn some of the most costly armor and face shields in the game, such as the Maska 1Sch helmet (Killa).

The comprehensive source of loot and Killa’s presence makes the Interchange a ubiquitous squad map, rendering the plan hazardous to soloists.

The Interchange is a comprehensive map with a shopping center between the main two exits. The Escape from Tarkov developers has recently confirmed that the plan will be reconfigured in the next patch, which will include different entrances.

Interchange Map

POIs & Looting:

There’s a lot to do at the Intersection, starting from the Power Station to the shopping center’s hundreds of small shops.

These are some of the positions players visit with regularity:

1. Control station:

The Power Station can be found in the north-eastern section of the map (power the mall). There are several small structures in the field and one of the three extraction points located across the rear by the black SUV.

Within the main house, the station’s office, and inside the shacks, there’s usually a fair amount of loot.

2. Idea

A ton of hardware loot is included in the inexpensive, DIY furniture store influenced by a specific Swedish firm.

Tarkov’s owners wisely used a modification of the Swedish company’s store name since they do not have the required licenses.

Several uncommon spawns can be found in the general area on the racks and lootable toolboxes in the workplace and storage rooms.

3. The OLI

A fantastic source of all kinds of construction materials is the OLI home improvement supplies department.

You’ll need to collect some supplies for your hideout, so if you’re driving by, it’s worth checking away.

In this shop, you’ll find all types of construction materials and other supplies, and 18 cash registers need a key to open them.

Interchange Map OLI

In addition to the new escapes, Battlestate Games, the studio behind Tarkov’s Escape, didn’t specify precisely what they had modified at Interchange. The recent exits will be significant, particularly for fans who play as Scavs, because if they try to leave with all the loot that they find in the mall, they will also have to understand where they are. The studio also announced that new lighting would be included in the Rework, making it easier for gamers to hide in the parking lot’s darkness. The map will again come with interactive objects.

This Rework was made to fulfill player needs, which might give some fans wish that the server reset could arrive soon. While it is a favorite of the crowd, it does appear to be an easy target for extraction campers. In Interchange, camping at the escape and shooting and looting anyone who comes near is becoming a common strategy due to the new extraction points sitting on both sides of the map. With the launch of the new extraction points, that should improve.

Version 0.12.4 would add several new platforms to the gritty practical shooter along with the Interchange rework. Characters will now suffer from exhaustion, which can arise if a player spends too much time with their endurance exhausted. Tired players can eat up energy much quicker and not run, leap, or crawl over hurdles as quickly as usual. The endurance system is broken into two halves: players will have to keep track of different leg and arm endurance. Leg endurance is consumed by running and climbing, while arm endurance is drained by doing items like shooting and tossing grenades.

A weight mechanic will also be added with the new patch. They’ll be weighed down if players bring too far, which comes with some debuffs. Weighed-down teams will make more noise, will not be able to travel as quickly, and will end up spending much faster on more stamina. Along with some other pro tricks, players would have to keep this in mind to survive the nightmare.

A closed beta is presently available on the PC for Escape from Tarkov. The date of release of the complete game is yet to be confirmed.

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