How to Get Gamma Container in Escape from Tarkov?

Get Gamma Container in Escape from Tarkov

One of Escape’s key aspects from Tarkov is collecting and holding loot, and obtaining a container makes it easier to store loot indefinitely. For the survival first-person shooter Escape from Tarkov, the Gamma Jar is what some players deem a ‘must-have’. Although the container can hold only such objects, it offers a vault for players that will not be destroyed even though one dies before extraction.

Over the last few weeks, Escape from Tarkov has increasingly exploded in popularity, thanks mostly to live streaming sites such as Twitch and Mixer. Although the game is presently in beta and is only available to buy via the product’s official website, the developers are particularly searching at the title for a Steam update. Access to the beta via the regular version of the game costs $44.99 right now.

However, the regular version is not the only way to leap for Escape from Tarkov. The game comprises three main other versions that players can buy, each with its very own range and amount of extra privileges. A container identified as the Gamma container, an invaluable piece of equipment that enables players to hold house equipment that can be maintained no matter what is also one of those practical advantages.

How to Get Gamma Container?

Gamma Container

In a 3-3 grid, the 1-kilogram pouch has nine slots and is also known as the Safe Container Gamma. The Kappa, Epsilon, Beta, and Alpha, which have separate total item slots that are recognized, have other protected containers.

While those like the Epsilon Container are obtained by completing quests, buying the ‘Edge of Darkness’ version of the game is the best way to acquire the Gamma Container. With a $139.99 price tag, the DLC is a bit expensive, with a 25 percent discount dropping it to $104.99 at the moment. The jar, however, isn’t necessary to play the game.

The Edge of Darkness version, instead, provides players with greater comfort. Many useful things, such as the Gold Coin, Golden Neck Chain, Bitcoin, Virtex programmable processor, Portable defibrillator, and more, fit into the 1-1 grid. Players sometimes discover so much loot and are concerned that they are unable to get it back.

In the Edge of Darkness DLC, Other In-Game Prizes involve:

  • Instant entry to Closed Beta guaranteed
  • Pre-load Wireless Copy
  • Upgraded stash scale (10 x 66)
  • Additional in-stash equipment and resources:
  • Gamma bins, in-game money, weapons, ammunition, consumables, and more are included.
  • For all in-game merchants, original good standing
  • Special ID in-game
  • Free access to all later DLCs (Season pass)

Buying the Edge of Darkness limited edition of the game, the most straightforward and potentially only way for players to get the Gamma Container in Escape from Tarkov is. The Edge of Darkness arrives with Tarkov’s vast collection of additional weapons, such as a Military Tomohawk, a Kiver Mask, an SV98 Sniper Rifle with a loaded mag, and the Gamma Container, of course.

For someone who does not know, in Escape from Tarkov, containers are pieces of gear that allow users to carry their character with extra equipment. However, the barrels are unusual since the bag inside the box would stay permanently on the name of a player, even though the player died and was not successfully rescued from a raid.

About Gamma Containers:

Containers are a scarce and useful gear in Escape from Tarkov. It’s an FPS MMO-like game with PVP elements for those who wonder exactly what Escape from Tarkov is. To complete missions, collect better loot, and draw from the raid, players enter raid maps. Extracting from an attack allows participants after a charge to hold whatever equipment they discover. Furthermore, dying during a raid allows any gear uncovered and carried into a raid to lose the character permanently.

Containers encourage players individually to retain a certain amount of gear. For instance, the Gamma Container’s 3×3 grid may allow players to break into several stacks for some medkits, or even a small weapon and some extra ammunition. Additionally, as long as the gear fits into the crate’s small space, players can place handy loot in a container and hold it no matter what.


Generally, in Escape from Tarkov, many other types of containers, such as the Beta and Alpha Containers. Still, a secure way of locating other boxes is not entirely apparent. As mentioned before, thanks to living streaming sites and streamers, Escape from Tarkov has recently gained popularity. While Twitch recently provided a free loot promotion for the game, other consistently growing sites, such as Mixer and Facebook Gaming, are now offering attention to Escape from Tarkov. Several players, whether by player trading or the NPC dealer called Fence, have also mentioned being able to buy sturdy containers. This avenue, though, is costly and therefore an unusual occurrence.

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