Escape from Tarkov Weapon Modding Tips for Beginners

Escape from Tarkov Weapon Modding

When you’ve played a few hundred hours of Escape from Tarkov, one thing quickly becomes clear, there’s never an easy thing about this puzzle. E.g., the nitty-gritty of armor will take up hours of studying rapidly, and you’d still have plenty to learn about afterward. The same goes with the firearms learning curve, where you have a range of arms to pick from and even more forms of ammunition. But there’s another idea of a game that takes a little compassion and understanding, escape from the modding of Tarkov’s weapons.

Why arms modding matter in Escape from Tarkov?

Tarkov Gun Modding

Not all EFT weapons are equivalent. Examine your gun in the game, and you can find that it has many numbers, all of which provide a general image of the usefulness, efficacy, and overall ease of use of your weapons. We’ll have a bit of detail about the following stats:

  • Accuracy: Pretty self-explaining. It’s a metric that explains how close you strike your shots anywhere you shoot them.
  • In the case of ergonomics: ergonomics is mainly about the handling of weapons. Higher values in this stat mean you can do all the stuff you can do quicker connected to firearms. It all includes aiming down sights (ADS), reloading, and even flipping to the other weapon.
  • The velocity of the muzzle: This stat goes hand and hand with precision. It impacts how easily you hit your shots, as well as how precise they are.
  • The sighting range: What it covers with this one is how high you can zoom your view when ADS-ing.
  • Recoil-Eventually, when you fire with it, recoil is about the sway and bounce of the target. In a general sense, the lower the recoil you have in your gun, the more effective it is.

Mods modify and adjust these stats so that, whether it’s for targeting and shooting or just basic handling and ease, you can make your gun better. One or more of these stats are affected by different forms of mods. For instance, take grips that carry down recoil values and strengthen ergonomics. Stocks do the same thing quite a lot. Sights impact both precision and sighting range, as the title indicates.

Depending on the mods that you choose, there can also be disadvantages. Suppressors come in very handy for stealthy gamers as these remove the effect produced by the shots. However, the cost of this is reduced muzzle velocity.

In particular, what’s crucial here is that you find a perfect mix of mods that fits your playstyle and render your arms more lethal. Using that will help you live much longer and gain much greater loot in the longer term.

Fast guide to styles of the mod and their uses:

Tarkov Weapon Modding

Generally, in EFT, there are three types of firearm modding equipment. You have the essential elements, the reasonable modifications, and the mods for the gear. These categories have a range of additional subcategories, including practical mods, for example, muzzle systems and sights. It can understandably get very confusing if you look at all the EFT weapons mods in a folder.

Now let us start from the most crucial thing, the essential components. The name says it all because, without these vital mods, some weapons will not work. Required materials include barrels, handguards, receivers and slides, gas tube blocks, and gun grips. This is more critical and continues not to have much control over gun stats.

First, we’ve got reasonable modifications that make your gun more useful in general. Flashlights to offer additional illumination while playing in darkened areas may be an example. To speed up your shots, you can even get laser aim pointers for improved accuracy or muzzle cameras. Under this grouping, foregrips and sights even break. Active mods most commonly affect ergonomics and precision.

Those not described fell under gear modifications. Some are more diverse in what they can do, and you’re going to have to read carefully what each mod does with your weapon. Mounts are a common gear mod that allows you to add your gun to other mods. To carry a scope mod, choose weapons such as snipers, attack rifles (ARs), and machine guns, which require an amount for them. Both gear mods include stocks and chassis, charging sticks, magazines, and grenade launchers.

Where and how do you get modifications for weapons?

Two ways to trade or to raid:

Trading is probably the best way to control all of your needs for EFT weapon modding. To a certain degree, level up the store owners, such as Peacekeeper and Skier, and they’ll sell you mods. The flea market can also be looked at for available mods you can buy. However, be financially prepared. If you’re looking for a wholly kitted pistol, most cost a decent amount of rubles.

General suggestions on the Tarkov Modding Weapon Escape:

It helps to investigate any mods that you’re willing to purchase beforehand. Modding is not always cheap, so you’d best be prepared to come in. You should examine EFT products for performance and verify which can function or not. With the line “Compatible with Available,” there is a pop-up display. Switch your mouse to the side arrow, and it will indicate which weapons will use the device.

Ultimate Note:

There’s nothing incredibly clear-cut about weapons modding on the concluding point. Feel free to experiment and find the system that makes sense for you through your own. Control all the variables accordingly, and with your weapon of choice, you can do well.

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