Beginner’s Guide for Escape from Tarkov Scav Mode – How to Play?

Escape from Tarkov Scav Mode

In Escape from Tarkov, loading into a raid is indeed dangerous. In only one shot, all of the gear you carry with you might be lost, bringing identity and begin again. But Scavs (short for Scavengers) is intended to provide you with a different choice.

We’ve done the work in this article if you’re not sure what Relief from Tarkov’sScav mode is or why you’d like to experience it.

And what’s a SCAV?

Tarkov SCAV

Scavs are characters created randomly with randomized loadouts. If you’ve ever played a game, you’ve probably run into a couple of them. They are much more conveniently prepared than the private military contractors (PMCs) of the BEAR and USEC that function as player characters. They may be pretty loud as well, so they’re no less lethal.

By playing in Scav mode, you can consider leaving your PMC behind and diving into a raid as one of the AI. That implies you don’t have to think about compromising some of your hard-earned gear as you hunt for fresh loot. You’re going to start with one of the randomized loadouts earned by the other AI, which means you’re going to have very little ammo and no armor on your body. For instance, you’re already dead, but you have no place to be careless.

You’re going to be in a match in progression, so you’re going to be surrounded. The remarkable thing is that you would not initially be seen as an adversary by other AI-controlled Scavs.

One of the disadvantages of playing as a Scav is that your main character won’t gain experience. You will still not be allowed to complete any assignments in-game either. Focus mostly on getting in, getting a bit of loot, and getting out in one shot.

SCAVS Operate Safer like PMCS only:

Escape from Tarkov scav vs PMC

Much like performing a raid with your PMC, certain regions can be harvested by your Scav. They take whatever gear they have on them right into your stash as they do. Even when they come with a pre-determined loadout, it can at least be worth anything that, even though you don’t find a single piece of loot harvested with a Scav.

One reason you won’t get as a Scav is a Safe Container. Safe Containers are rugged storage that enables you to hold things even though you die during a raid. If you desperately want to pull everything out of your Scav’s inventory and you will need to remove it securely into your stash, you won’t have one way.

Often, Scavs will destroy other Scavs. As I described above, they would not initially see you as an opponent, which should encourage you in most cases to get the jump on them. They’ll always, of course, have junk gear much like you.


There are Scav spawns on a timer. You need to wait for some time and start again after you have finished the Scav sprint. But as a bonus, after you complete a raid, you won’t have to repair the Scav. The Scavis just going to vanish, and your new timer is going to start.

With updates to your Hideout’s intelligence base, the time between Scav runs can be decreased.

Battlestate is now adding a new method of reporting in its continuing attempts to remove cheaters. You will be able to write other players on the post-match screen for unusual actions that could suggest goal betting or wall hacking, such as wall as for inappropriate nicknames and bug exploitation.

However, one of the more significant improvements is buried down in the notes, and it’s quick to forget. Battlestate is adding 5 HP to characters’ chest area, bumping it from 80 to 85. That’s a significant improvement because it reduces the capacity of many forms of ammunition for center-mass one-shot kills, including the 7.62x51mm M80 cartridge and the 7.62x54mm LPS GHz, which is already a standard round for the Mosin bolt-action sniper rifle. The move suggests that the 5.56x45mm M995 round, which can be used in the assault rifle of the Colt M4A1, goes from becoming a two-shot kill tool to allowing three.

Of note, this move involves all types of bullets, and it would allow for a severe shuffle of Tarkov’s ammunition.

SCAV RUNS are still an excellent idea

Although they’re not meant to replace the usual raids entirely, there’s never a wrong time for a Scav sprint.

Since they serve as a secure way to get gear, you can still be selfish and continue searching for the next great weapon or accessory. During these raids, catch what you can, and if you do not even make it back, it’s no significant loss. Anything you maintain to obtain with no investment other than your time is a reward.

Scav runs in Escape from Tarkov are a low-risk, high-reward choice open to all, whether you only need a few extra resources, a break from the pressures of putting your gear on the line, or you’re on the lookout for a few new weapons.

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