Escape from Tarkov Player Count – Hits 200k Concurrent Players

Escape from Tarkov Player Count

Escape from Tarkov’s escape is a challenging game. With its lack of guides, no in-game maps (unless you purchase one), or friendly markers to say who’s who is overwhelming for new players when raiding with friends. You did a lot, and still, you don’t know who shot you. But you’ll be addicted until you get a couple of good raids under your belt. You are hooked on the brutal firefights and the thrill of the first few juicy kills being robbed. These tips are for New Escape from Tarkov players to prepare them for the opportunities presented as a relatively new player.

Since Escape from Tarkov is not available on Steam, there is no way to check the number separately or equate it over time with Escape from Tarkov’s player count. However, in December and January, when it ran a Twitch promotion that included in-game loot for players who watched designated Tarkov streamers, Escape from Tarkov saw a significant bump in player participation and behavior.

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The loot may have been unexpectedly useful, and it attracted the interest of many players to the game, swelling Escape from Tarkov’s ranks. In the weeks after such an occurrence, there is usually an average dropoff, and as players become tired, they will eventually move on to other sports.

The wipe, though, puts us back to nothing, putting players back on an equal footing with those who after the last wipe have passed them in the gear grind. This may have helped get back to the game-lapsed fans, leading to the record number of players Tarkov saw soon after the update rolled out.

The developers at Escape from Tarkov usually create a multiplayer danger and reward shooting where they don’t misuse DMCA to censor opposing voices or come up with threadable reasons for not adding female models, where players can get the loot they find unless they exit the map in any single interaction successfully. However, a recent increase in new players to the game has posed an issue with this design. Individual PvP players will not play a PvP game without throwing brain power and focus into destroying other people’s day rather than cultivating their skills.

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This particular PvP cheese taste in Escape from Tarkov takes the form of exit camping, where players who have already snagged several high-tier things go to the map exit, hunker down and wait to mow down new players or others with less gear. It is an enormous gulf in terms of equipment between new arrivals or those who have played the game for a while. However, the truth remains that there is a massive gulf between recent appearances and others playing these games for a time in terms of kit.

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According to the player base, the answer is easy: reset the server. Escape from Tarkov did this before and will level up the playing field to the multiplayer shooter with the fresh blood. Nevertheless, on the official forums, a member of the Battlestate Games team posted that the other server “will not be in the next few months,” but that thread seems to have been unavailable to anyone not registered with the discussion boards.

It’s safer to head into a raid either nothing or just inexpensive gear like a gun for new players than run your scav. You can find something in an attack, even though you can’t afford to cure yourself in between tournaments. Experienced gamers have come across all types of play, so being sly could yet not work out, and others might find you. Find a comprehensive map with many routes, find fewer trafficking victims, and only scrounge for loot. You’re rolling the dice every time you join a new raid for a shot at a free gear bag from someone who was killed by A.I. scans. You get to experience and rank too if you continue pushing on your PMC, which is far more valuable than a free crappy scav gun.

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As a new player, usually, it’s a smart idea to pick up almost anything. Anything you can discover in Tarkov (for the most part) can be offered to traders and other players. It may also be used to improve your hideout, be traded for cash, and may be required to finish certain quests, even though an object appears useless.

Beyond bartering, there are three separate accessible currencies in Escape from Tarkov: Rubles, Pounds, and U.S. dollars. Many merchants trade in rubles, but from the start, the Peacekeeper merchant trades in U.S. dollars. A smart strategy early on is to review all the items traders have (right-click or middle mouse button by definition), so you can see the products they have to sell. Most products can be purchased through the above currencies, but almost all traders can exchange loot items for certain items in their inventory. Tap on items from each dealer so that when looting, you know what things to keep an eye out for.

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