Escape from Tarkov 12.9 Patch Notes: Battlestate Games Update

Escape from Tarkov 12.9 Patch Notes

Escape From Tarkov has generated a great deal of hype and has been one of the most popular FPP action games ever. But now, the developers have launched a new Escape From Tarkov upgrade to give the gamers some constructive advice to enjoy the game. Learn all about the change to Escape From Tarkov Patch Notes.

From Tarkov Patch Notes Escape

  • Fresh ‘Crafting’ potential
  • A modern “Hideout management” skill
  • Fresh Compass Special Item
  • By pressing the U key, the new object allows the player to recognize directions (azimuth) easily. In the new stagnant economic slot, this product will be fitted with (which means no one will be able to take your compass)
  • A specific category of bleeding – heavy bleeding
  • With a lower risk than usual bleeding, it can open up. Unique treatment products are needed to stop heavy bleeding (also, some medical kits have the property of stopping heavy bleeding). The heavily bleeding character leaves traces of blood on the floor.
  • Fresh consumables:¬†Esmarch tourniquet, hemostatic hypodermic needle, kvass drinking syringe
  • Quick Dump Backpack
  • The capacity to drop the package quickly with the double the Z key
  • A current third voice version for Bear
  • Scavs’ new faces and clothes
  • The executives’ voices (Glukhar, Sanitary, and Reshala)
  • New animations for characters on the menu (on the loading screen, in inventory, etc.).

Latest machinery:

  • Fresh USEC and BEAR clothing (tops and lowers)
  • New facilities (armored vest, chest rig, backpacks, headphones, helmets, and berets)

New arms and components for weapons:

  • M45A1 pistol.
  • Handgun KS-23.
  • Rifle from the RFB.
  • Fresh mods for different weapons.

Standard of Living adjustments:

  • The community collection screen in the courtyard was redesigned. The personality models of the team members with silly names can now be used.
  • Adding an object asset display to the Easy Use Panel.
  • For mods, guns, the mouse moved objects (dragon ‘drop), weapons highlights, slots, and moderators, where they fit, have been added (green – can be inside, yellow – can be integrated).
  • Game settings choice – a collection of the color of the internal organs in the upper left UI feature (a variant corresponding to the colors from the inventory on the “Health” tab and the old variant – red monochrome).
  • Options to choose the concept of showing battle interface elements in the game settings.
  • Added the ammunition load menu in the magazine background menu in the stash.
  • The available channel quantity is purchased in the flea market after purchasing more goods than is left on offer.
  • Automatic processing through the ‘select’ button of the character’s stash, any bins, backpacks, etc.
  • When referring to the mod to be mounted, the weapon’s characteristics in the features window now switch on the default or customization pad.
  • The field “distance” (showing the fatal wound’s separation) was applied to the kill list after the attack.
  • We also added an alert when you leave the game that the compressor is on.
  • Adding a counter for prepared items in the lowers menu after scripting in the hideout.
  • Current flea market filters are no longer applicable to your list of deals and your wish list at a goodwill store.
  • When going between merchants, the sorting of items by the group is now reset.
  • Width of the higher free in the stash expanded assortment of vendors.
  • A hotkey has been introduced to evacuate the CTRL+R container.
  • Added a keyboard shortcut to the ALT+RR re-chamber.
  • It is now possible to cancel Submitted Friend requests.
  • Accept all invitations”Accept all invitations.
  • On the post-raid statistics screen after death, the character is now seen in the machine he killed.
  • If there is no ammunition on the pistol and there is no bullet in the chamber, the projectile is now powered into the compartment by pushing the reload.
  • The storage can now be managed to open outside of the raid by pushing the Section hotkey.
  • The “found in the raid” status icon for canisters in the hideout transformer area has been added to the show (if the canister is “found in the raid”).
  • The “Empty” button is now shown as the last thing in the canister selection drop-down menu for the Transformer.
  • The therapist’s care will now be free of charge for the first five individual stages.


  • Optimizing AI’s function on the cloud.
  • The choice for Strong Leadership (enabled by default, disabling can give a small performance gain at the expense of image quality).
  • Varying optimizations on shaders.

Advancements in AI

  • Added arms swaying in the motions of bots.
  • Increased sentences for Scav Bots players targeting players.
  • The bots are now reacting to the “Follow me” gesture player scat.
  • Updated bot actions when its target is outside the door in battle.
  • Corrected bug when the Killa boss responded to smoke inappropriately.
  • Better Search System Automated Cover Upgrade.
  • It rectified one of the bugs that stopped a player scav from being an adversary for reserves bunker raiders.
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