Escape from Tarkov Interchange Map: Points of Extraction

Escape from Tarkov Interchange Map

Escape from Tarkov assigns players to gather arms and other components and to retrieve all of their loot safely. A helpful technique a player may use to ensure that they have as much progress as practicable is to know all the extracting areas on each of these maps. A few of these maps of Escaping from Tarkov are called Interchange, and we also have all the extraction points of the Interchange map protected for you.

Exit from Tarkov Interchange Map Points of Extraction

On this particular map, there are a total of three escape points that players may use to leave the area and hold all the powerful pieces of loot they could have collected throughout their gaming session. You can’t use all the extracting locations of the Interchange map in Rescue from Tarkov anytime you want, though. Any of these sites have standards that must be followed for them to be included. Others could be used for a match just once. Around the same time, others are governed by certain groups, ensuring that players also have to be conscious of how any of these areas work to ensure that when attempting to extract from the Intersection map in Escape from Tarkov, they are not stuck in a precarious situation.

Tarkov Interchange Map

What you can anticipate from a Raid on the Intersection is, somewhat, here:

With sporadic long-range trades, violent mid-to-close range PvP battles, Sometimes to well-organized criticism, in the streets.

When you have all KIBA keys and know where the best loot areas are located, above-average looting possibilities when going in unprepared, and excellent looting possibilities.

A perfect way to develop the ability to pay attention is by opening checkouts on the map.

1. Words of concern:

There is still a lot to discover on the Interchange from a Power Plant, through a massive shopping center packed with dozens of small shops to the “big three” stores of the Interchange: Concept, OLI, and Goshen; below are among the fascinating areas.


North-eastern section of the globe, the north-eastern part of the shop IDEA. On our diagram, the power station is labeled with the number “3.”

Potential Loot:

Critical buildings of The inside Station: several toolboxes, several spawns of Fuel Conditioner, several lootable jackets.

Within the station’s office: four PC blocks, coats, a file cabinet, any loose devices (available from the top floor or the outdoors).

Within Shacks: Toolboxes for others.

2. IDEA:

Inexpensive, design and build, furniture store influenced by a specific Swedish firm (guess which…)*. There is a lot of manufacturing loot to be grabbed inside, as one could anticipate from this sort of shop.

* The creators of Tarkov do not have proper licenses because they can not use real-life shop names and have fallacious words that could instead be conveniently identified with real ones.


The northern region of the center, just southwest of the Power Plant, on the 1st  floor. The Concept on our map is labeled as “3”.

Potential Loot:

Several unique spawns (including Lion and Cat Statues) dispersed on the shelves in the general region.

Several lootable toolboxes and automotive parts.

20 Cash Registers

Inside the storage facility: appliances and industrial goods.

The (cubicle) section of the office: PC Blocks, electronic items, and a Back Pack.

3. The OLI:

Shop supplies for OLI home maintenance, modeled after two real-life home improvement retail businesses. This location is a useful source of all types of construction supplies that your hideout needs, so it’s worth trying out.


The southern part of the center, northwestern of the Emercom Checkpoints, is on the 1st (ground) floor. OLI is listed on our map as amount 3.

Loot Possible:

All machinery and construction/industrial/technical materials (hoses, propane tanks, car batteries, Gas Analyzers, etc.).

18 Cash Registers (The Cash Key is hidden within the operations department of OLI in the west part of the store).

PC Blocks in OLI offices (Keys needed to enter some of them: Key to OLI Office Administrator [OLI Office] and Key to OLI Office Company Warehouse.

4. Goshen:

Goshen is the largest store in the Ultra shopping center, influenced by a real-life chain of superstores belonging to a specific German-based supermarket company (and as such, it is the best place to level up Attention Skill if you have Goshen Registers Key). This is the spot to go if you are after groceries, and if you search more closely, you may even find some precious and expensive things.


On the 1st (ground) level, the western part of the “Ultra” Shopping Mall (head straight from the main mall entrance). Goshen is labeled on our map with the number ‘4.’

Potential Loot:

In the front section of the shop: on shelves, like Tushonka, some supply spawns.

27 Lootable Registers of Cash (locked; they require Key to Goshen Cash Register [Goshan] that can be found on Customs – inside the white bus that was used as a roadblock, close to the “new” Gas Station).

Multiple boxes of weapons were spread around the shop and its storage.

Within the lockers: the spawning of rare products, including bitcoins, gold chains, and Rolexes.

In the back of the shop, mechanical artifacts spawn on shelves.

5. KIBA:

The shop for KIBA Guns… A wet dream for every PMC or Scav. With guns, arms accessories, and other military equipment, it is packed to the brim. It is the almost often highly fought, and squad vs. squad firefights break out in its same vicinity after almost every Raid, as one would expect from such a holy grail of a shop.


On the 1st (ground) floor, in the middle section of the mall. Past the “Brutal” supermarket, head directly from the entrance gate – KIBA is the very first shop in the right-side street on the left. KIBA is labeled on our map with the number ‘5.’

Potential Loot:

Fully-kitted Arm spawns probable (AK-74N, M4A1, Shotguns, Handguns).

Grenades in a package that lies next to the table.

The Cabinet of Weapons, Two Cash Registers, Loose Cash, and Two Crates of Weapons- Possible Spawning Armors and Helmets

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