Escape from Tarkov Dog Tags: How and Whom to Sell Dogtags?

Escape from Tarkov DogTags

If during a raid you manage to remove another PMC and then have the chance to loot, you can find there is a slot that holds a dog tag.

These tags are very useful in some situations, and it’s good enough to justify picking them up. Almost every dog tag tells you the owner’s name and rank, as well as the time, the weapon used, and identification of the tag’s eliminated owner. If the owner’s level is increased, so does the tag worth itself.

To Whom should I Sell dog tags?

You could either sell them to Peacekeeper for dollars or a Therapist for roubles if you want to sell stickers, so it offers you the most money in roubles relative to the other vendors. When offering to the therapist, you can get around 10k rubles for the tag if the owner is around level 20. Similarly, for Mechanic and Peacekeeper purchases, you should save the higher level tags.

You can exchange 7 level 8 or higher tags for an MPX at Peacekeeper level 2, and you can trade 20 level 15 or higher tags for an RSASS at Level 3. You can exchange for an M2 armored rig for 10 levels 20 tags with Ragman at level 4, or for the mouth protector of an Altyn helmet for 6 levels 20 tags.

There may not even be too many tag exchanges, it may be worth your time just to take a brief look to see if you need anything for which you could exchange your tags instead of buying the commodity at the flea market.

Part of the gameplay deals with possession of loot. Plays only have too much space and you can have considerably less space in your Stash based on the edition you ordered. So are you going to save space for dogtags?

What do you do in Tarkov for Dogtags?

Tarkov Dog Tags

Just PMCs or Player Generated Characters bear Dogtags. Those dogtags tell you who was the player, their rank, their faction, their time of death, who killed them, who then used the gun to kill them. As if they’re worth everything, too.

There are two quests on which you can use them:

  • 10 USEC must be sought for The Punisher’s search – Part 6.
  • 10 The Punisher – Part 6 BEAR must be identified for the hunt.

You should sell it to a psychiatrist and each stage adds a market amount of around 450. Or according to the level of the dog tag, you can exchange it for end-game items.

Holding the Dog Tags:

You’ll like to be able to store them if you are trying to retain your dog tags for barter or maybe even as emergency currency.

If you’re willing to take up space or two, there are a few packages that you can put dog tags in and still hold inside your protected crate. The Dog Tag Case is the most noticeable of such bins. You will order this from the Loyalty 2 therapist for a nominal fee of 423k rubles. This may sound a little pricey, but there is a 10-to-10 grid on the case itself, so you can hold 100 dog tags.

Dog Tags Event case:

The second solution is the case of S I C C. Although it only carries 1/4th of the sum the Dog Tag Case can carry and also takes up another slot, certain personal possessions such as loose cash, actual bitcoins, hard drives, and, most notably, keys can also be held by the S I C CC case.

These circumstances go to the flea market for around 3 million rubles, for a reasonable cause. The only other way to get one is to barter for 10 paracords, 15 duct tape, 10 insulating tapes, and 12 packages of nails with Jaeger at level 3. Paracords, which go for about 100k to 200k on the flea market, are the most costly of these pieces, as they are used for cliff extractions with the Red Rebel Icepick.

Flags and Search for Dog Tags:

As a concluding point, there is one quest for Prapor in which you need to collect 10 dog tags of both styles of PMCs, BEAR, and USEC if you like traveling along with Tarkov’s questlines. So if you’re going to complete that, you may also want to only hang onto the tags you find, but it’s a quest for later in the game.

Let’s Wrap Up:

Designed by Battlestate Games, Escape from Tarkov is presently in closed beta. Thanks to famous streamers on Twitch taking up the game again, the game had a spark of success. Thankfully, with all of this, you’ve discovered that even though they don’t have any gear on them, you could make a little more profit on your kills. Out there, congratulations.

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