Escape from Tarkov: Customs Factory Map Extraction Points Guide

Escape from Tarkov Factory Map

It’s not that difficult to master the Factory Extraction points in Escape from Tarkov. One of the small maps in the match is Factory, which ensures that navigating is not complicated if you get the interface down. Though its small scale is a double-edged sword, less space provides that you are more likely to get into trouble.

What makes extraction tricky from the Factory is that the only five exits are open. Of those five, only one is accessible for PMCs at all times. This means it is essential to locate alternative extraction points if you don’t want to be picked off when you attempt to run with your loot from the warehouse.

Escape from Tarkov Extraction Point Factory Map – All Factions Leave

Two exits are accessible for both Scavs and PMCs in the warehouse.


Requirements: None Needed

There is only one extraction point on the Factory map, which is open 100 percent of the time without any pre-requisite products for both factions. Gate 3 is situated in the Factory’s northwest corner and can be caught quickly west of the generators.

Therefore, you need to make it to the northwest corner of the map to enter Gate 3 and go through the door there. Then, open another entry from that room and enter the room deeper west. Make up for the doors on the west wall until you’re in this next room for a few minutes for the extraction message to come up.


Requirements: Escape key for Factory

Gate 0 is almost a mirror copy of Gate 3, except that it is situated in the map’s southwest corner. Via different exits, either by going south via the 2nd-floor shower room or the 3rd-floor workplaces, you can get to gate 0.

You’ll need to open the second room you come to with the Factory escape key until you get to the Factory’s Gate 0 exit. If you don’t have access to your store, with no explanation of unlocking or opening it, the door would only pop up with the option of breaking.

Escape from Extraction Point of Tarkov Factory Map – PMC Just Exits

There is one exit in the Factory which can only be used by PMCs.


Requirements: Factory escape key, PMC must be played

Exit to the Cellars is only available for PMCs. You’ll also need Factory Escape Key to access this exit. In the opposite direction of the same space, you can find the door belonging to this exit containing the door leading to Gate 3.

Go east of the generators and search for a door in the northeast section of the space to get to the Cellar’s exit. Step inside the door and aim for a nearby staircase that leads down. Turn around to look to the left as you enter the bottom of the steps, and you can see another entrance. Use the factory escape key to open the door, then turn right and head straight down into the tunnel to reach the extraction point.

Factory Map Extraction Points

Escape from Tarkov Extraction Point Factory Map – Scav Just Exits

In Escape from Tarkov, two factory escapes can only be reached by the Scav character.


Requirements: Need to play as a Scav

Before noticing it’s an exit stage, you’ll probably run some times by this familiar landmark in Factory. You’ll hit the T intersection if you leap down into the silo pit in the central tower and go into the southwest tunnel. . The extraction point is situated just to the right of the entrance.

Window of Office

The Tarkov Office Glass Warehouse Exit Escape

Requirements: Need to play as a Scav

This is one of the game’s broader extraction zones. To find the office, head up to the third floor and into the southernmost space. When you see a machine on a desk, you will know you are in the right spot. There is also a safe under the desk that can be stolen and used as a landmark.

Just line up near the window in this place, and you will see a pop-up of the extraction document.

Where to locate the Factory Key in the Tarkov Escape?

In Escape from Tarkov, locating the Factory Exit Key is not the most straightforward task. It’s one of the trickier buttons, and on the Factory map, you can’t even locate it.

In Escape from Tarkov, there are three methods of getting the Factory Key:

  • On the Customs map, find the key.
  • Purchase the key from the Flea Market.
  • Find your key to a dead Scav.

Only buying it from the Flea Market is the simplest way to get the key. This will probably cost you a few hundred thousand rubles, though. You’ll have to either hit up customs if you wouldn’t want to bid or hope it fall on a random Scav.

Finding the Factory Main in Customs:

There are three locations on Customs that will spawn the Factory Key:

  • On a table next to the television in the dormitory guard room.
  • Near a concrete ring on the field at the Old Service Station.
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