Escape from Tarkov Bullet Chart – Ammo Guide 2021

Escape from Tarkov Bullet Chart

As a successful game in the gaming world, Escape from Tarkov has started to grow, as its incredibly realistic and adventurous gameplay has attracted the attention of many players. If they are to achieve success on the fields of battle of the survival game, players would have to think about a broad array of aspects. One category of these characteristics is the different statistics that each bullet has regarding things like reliability and injury. Fortunately, we found a great map that will help you plan all the various types of ammunition available for players to use.

Escape from Tarkov Bullet Chart

In the game Escape from Tarkov, 111 different kinds of ammunition players can use to destroy their rivals. Now, for novice and expert players to understand and rely on playing, this is an incredibly overwhelming amount. Nevertheless, Battlestate Games developer Escape from Tarkov has equipped the world with a generous bullet chart support that can be found here. This resource helps players see everything, including the survival title they need to understand when it comes to ammo.

tarkov bullet chart 2021

A total number of 12 different statistics for all the various ammunition forms in Escape from Tarkov are detailed in this basic bullet table. You can notice these statistical bullet chart groups below:

  • Around weight
  • The Rub Price
  • Harm Injury
  • Accuracy The Accuracy
  • Recoil Over
  • Quality Penetration
  • Count for Projectile
  • Speed of Projectiles
  • Penetration Potential
  • Ricochet Potential
  • Fragmentation Potential
  • Damage from Armor

This bullet chart was also revised to represent the latest ammunition form statistics in Escape from Tarkov regarding the game’s latest 0.12 patch. When trying to decide whether to fend off their enemies, they are the most up-to-date statistics players can use.

Link some notes to the Bullet chart. Thanks to an even more comprehensive and unique ammunition map.

The latest seven 62x54r ammo doesn’t change that 7n1 is still the good around ammo, and it is the best main charge for something you don’t need more than 61 pens. The game is taking a significant turn on the market, and it is most likely to obtain new content and accept the realism inside, as the developers noted in their roadmap.

Bullets have several features. Also, try comparing Tarkov ballistics to read. It should make it much quicker and easier to measure the effectiveness of multiple weapons styles armed with meta bullets. The stunning falling off.

One 7k vote Responses 102. The same caliber’s cartridges are labeled with the same color, and below each segment, all compatible firearms are identified. Like, they were slowing down like that. Tarkov ammunition escape map and table.

This is the full list of ammunition available in the Tarkov escape chart. Some of the most practical bullet and ammunition dynamics ever mounted in a video game have to escape from Tarkov ammo map escape from tarkov. A significant part of Escape from Tarkov is ballistics. To conveniently compare the various ammunition types, scan sort, and filter.

The most critical factor of coming out on top of combat is selecting the best ammunition and supplies for weapons. Thanks to patch 12 2, Markov’s Escape not only received a new bullet that inherits positive numbers on the table below, a few new weapons and, most notably, new cosmetics and a search were obtained. 437k participants of the group Escape from tarkov. Different ones can be matched using ctrl.

Lists of All the Escape from Tarcov Bullet Maps

escape from tarkov ammo chart nofoodaftermidnight

Let’s continue with the impressive part now. We also created a table that contains all the essential information about bullets and weapons in the Escape From Tarkov Bullet Map for your ease of comprehension.

Penetration Strength-It is an average value that includes the maximum armor damage.

  • Harm Score: It is an average value of Impact Points subtracted from the Overall Hit-Point Pool of Target as the Armor penetrates.
  • Armor Loss Ratio (%): This is an average proportion of a bullet’s damage to Armor when it struggles to penetrate it.
  • Projectile Velocity: The approximate value of the projectile’s original velocity (m/s) (the speed gets slower over distance and other factors including air friction, gravity, humidity, etc.)
  • Fragmentation Chance: A bullet is likely to split into fragments after hitting the body of the target. There is a larger effect of fragmented shells on targets.
  • Ricochet Chance: When fired at an angle, it is the likelihood of a bullet bouncing off a wall.

The game is a work of art for sure. It is a first-person shooter game of hardcore survival. Firepower is the first thing a player is looking for. Ok, let me tell you that when it comes to his Ammo Arsenal, Escape from Tarkov would not offer you down a single bit. When it refers to replicating weapons, as in the real world, it is regarded among the most practical.

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