Escape from Tarkov Ammo Chart 2021: Ammo Chart for 0.12

Escape from Tarkov Ammo 2021

It’s not surprising to see how difficult it is for new people to learn what ammunition to purchase for each package, let alone what ammo is better suited for such situations, with almost 80 Escape from Tarkov ammo styles for players to wrap their minds around. In Escape from Tarkov, those with no experience using actual weapons still have many challenges to conquer, with most guns possessing over ten different parts. Hence, it is reasonable to fail to pick between all the other ammunition varieties available around the numerous retailers.

There’s also space for interpretation for those Tarkov veterans. They have performed numerous successful raids by studying which ammunition does the most harm to thick armor, skin, and everything in between.

Escape from Tarkov Ammo Chart

With other variables such as armor class, leg meta, and whether or not the objective has a visor to remember before taking a weapon battle, understanding the right styles of ammunition in Tarkov and getting to work is often easier. Here we split down the best bullet Tarkov to use for each form so that you can comfortably go into each attack. We don’t have arms that can only carry one kind of ammunition like the TOZ-106, so there’s no other choice at all.

  • 9X18MMMMS
  • SP7, SP8, PSV

The PMM bullets are decent too, but with Kedr SMGs, they are not integrated. Both 9×18 mm are ineffective to armor in general, but they have reasonable damage figures. To purchase both of these, take Prapor up to level 3.

  • 7.62X25MM

The next round is almost entirely consistent with the TT gun and has average statistics around the board. If you run out of ammunition for your key one, we suggest taking the TT with GZH rounds as a too high replacement. If you choose that, the LRNPC frames will dish out more significant flesh damage.

  • 9X19MM
  • AP 6.3
  • Luger CCI

In many handguns and SMGs, these projectiles are used-PP19, Saiga-9, MP5, and MPX come to mind-and are indeed worth spending money on. Usually, they deliver low penetration of armor but deal respectable damage to flesh per shot. The AP 6.3 makes the 9x19mm usable against medium armor, but it’s costly, so if you’re on a spending plan, the PST GZH is a good option. If you just go up towards flesh bags or are secure in the leg meta, skip the PSO GZH matches.

The Luger CCI rounds will overpower opponents with a shower of gunfire if you are using an SMG with high costs and low fire rate while doing fair damages and knocking out mid-level armor by sheer scale.

  • 5.7X28MM FN
  • SS190
  • SS193

This round was designed with penetration in mind, specifically developed for the 5-7 pistol and P90 SMG. You’ll want to use the SS190 bands that chew through armor if you’re hoping to shoot armor, particularly with a long burst from the P90. The SS193, which has comparable numbers but is a subsonic shape, is another alternative, meaning your adversaries won’t hear a crack from the round.

  • 9X21MM
  • SP13
  • SP10

These matches against armor are much stronger than the other choices in this segment, but to purchase them, you would need to rate Prapor up to level 4.

  • .366 TKM
  • EKO
  • FMJ

There isn’t much difference in this bullets type, but owing to its abysmal energy absorbed, you’ll want to prevent the Geksa. The Vepr AKM and VPO-209 use these compounds, and we believe that it is essential to point out that if you are planning to use the VPO-209 due to its higher armor pen and muzzle velocity numbers, the EKO is necessary. It’s still perhaps not a sniper.

  • 12X70MM
  • 12/70 AP20 Slug
  • 12/70 8.5mm Magnum Buckshot

If you’re not using the TOZ shotgun, these 12 gauge bullets will be used. Slugs are strong lead projectiles that transform your grenade launcher into a rifle in essence. Hitting anyone with one of these will penetrate well through armor and kill every part of the human body you hit. To maintain you made it through the armor, the AP20 slug has the rich framework strength.

Escape from Tarkov Ammo 0.12

Buckshot is a production of dispersed projectiles that can also have several hits in medium ranges, effectively defeating the pellets with armor. The Magnum Buckshot bullets will do good damage, and if two of the nine shells strike an unarmoured body part, it will be instantly killed.

  • 20X70MM
  • Star Slug
  • Devastator Slug

These chunky 20 gauge shells are only actually used in the TOZ-106, but taking some decent ammunition will make this gun work very well if you go for a budgetary sprint. The best penetration round is the 12/70 Star Slug, even though it is only small relative to most other calibers. This is compensated for by significant loss. The appropriately named Devastator Slug will deliver spectacular disruption to lightly armored body parts if you shouldn’t mind reducing your penetration to fundamentally nil.

  • 7.62X39MM
  • BP
  • PS

You can find this round in most of the AK variants, including the AKM, AK-104, SKS, VEPR, and AK-103. Because of this, you’ll want to stock up on this stuff, so it’s essential to make the right decision here. Generally, these rounds provide excellent penetrating of armor and damage to the skin, so you can shoot for the thorax just fine. In most cases, when they penetrate through virtually everybody’s armor and still dish out a lot of flesh damage, you would want magazines stacked with BP bullets. Without losing too much in terms of amur absorption, PS rounds do marginally more damage to the skin, so consider these a good backup.

  • 9X39MM
  • 7N9 SPP
  • 7N12 BP

Only two guns use this Escape from Tarkov ammo type: the AS VAL and VSS Vintorez. In punching through medium armor, the SPP and BP versions are fantastic and do not take long to down, but they are very costly and difficult to hold off in massive numbers, so the SP6 is the healthy early choice to go for.

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