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Escape from Tarkov Delivery from the Past

Once you have overcome the initial fear of losing your stuff any time you raid, you might start trying your hand at some of the more fascinating quests of Escape from Tarkov. The Delivery from the Past pursuit is one that has several players completely confused. It’s a reliable way to win fresh loot, and we’ll show you how to complete the Distribution from the Past quest in Escape from Tarkov in this Article.

In recent months, the first-person survival shooter Escape from Tarkov has been catching gamers’ interest from around the world to a very high degree. The adrenaline-fueled activity that results from them and others fighting it out to live and capture all the valuable loot they can, people can not get enough. The Distribution from the Past quest is one of the things players will engage in to get fresh loot while in the game environment. Luckily, we have what you need to know about the Distribution from the Past quest protected for you for those interested in completing this activity.

Delivery from the Past Exit from Tarkov guide

Don’t worry; this past arrival is way better than the unpleasant experience the brain manages to dish up. The one, you know. Instead, by locating and delivering a particular piece of machinery on the Escape from Tarkov maps, this search would allow you to occupy yourself. Do so, and you can earn 4,100 experience points, 12,000 Roubles, 0.11 Prapor rep, 10 12/76 Shotgun Saiga 12 Gauge Variant, three Sb.5 5-round 12/76 cartridges, and the right to purchase the 5.45×39 mm PS at the prestige of LL1.

In this search, your goal is to pick up a case from the Customs map and then bring it to the warehouse. You’ll need to acquire a Customs Office Key to start things off. If you don’t have it, we’re sure you’re in for a search when you try to snatch it from drawers and Scav backpacks. You will find it here. Start a raid on the customs map once you have obtained a customs office key and head to the red-colored Paradigm Warehouse indicated on the above chart. Within, there is a metal stairway that you can take to a closed doorway.

To open this door and the interior, use the Customs Office Card. Go past the first room, then bust through the back office door (this will make a lot of noise). For documents 0022, the thing you’re after is called the Safe case and it’s on top of the drawers underneath the top floor of the desk inside. Grab it, and there you’re halfway. What you need to do now is remove from the customs efficiently. You’ll have to start over again if you die along the way.

You’ve received the paperwork from Customs, but the job isn’t completed. First, you’d have to load into a Factory raid with the documentation in your store. Therefore, you need to bring it to the extraction point of Gate 3 (click here for a complete list of extraction points for the Factory map) but don’t remove it. A stair up to a small room is situated just to the left of the extraction site. By pressing and holding your use key for 30 seconds, you must put the documents inside here (F by default).

Tarcov Quests from Escape from Tarcov

Prapor Task Guide

Quests are an outstanding feature of Tarkov’s Escape. They provide different raiding goals and make the gameplay much more fun. When you want to progress to higher stages as soon as possible, the extra experience is the most important early on. More EXP and other useful prizes are offered by the more challenging quests in the later tiers, though. Your time in the game is still worth a source of extra things as challenging as Escape from Tarkov! If you’re interested in more material from Escape from Tarkov, be sure to browse our site and read some more tips and posts.

This would naturally render you very vulnerable to being assassinated, so make sure to lie down when finishing Distribution from the Past and keep yourself out of reach. During the dropoff, you’ll have to die, and yep, you’ll have to get the records all over again. A smart strategy is to either destroy the other players or only stay in the room before all of them have been eliminated from the raid to finish the search in peace.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Finally, what you have to do in Escape from Tarkov to finish the Delivery from the Past search is to safely retrieve the Factory. Maintain that, and you will have the mission done and be able to claim the prizes. Oh, yeah! Check our articles for more tricks and tips.

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