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Being a Big Fan of the Escape from Tarkov game, I thought why not helping new Gamers who are coming to Play Escape from Tarkov and making a Friendly Community. VSTARKOV.COM is not an Official Website of Escape from Tarkov. This is a Website Developed by a True Fan of Escape from Tarkov Game.

I’m Playing Escape from Tarkov for the last 1 Year and I make so many friends who are also my Escape from Tarkov Partners. I want to make more Friends with Escape from Tarkov. This is why a Healthy Community was required to help each other. With the Help of this Blog, I will teach all the New Comers How to Play Escape from Tarkov like a Pro or How to Improve your Battle Royale Gaming Skills.

Installing Escape from Tarkov in PC / Laptop is a Tough Nut, Right? Well, I’ll also tell everyone How to install and Play Escape from Tarkov on PC and Laptop, Winning all the Mission is also as IMPORTANT to know, Right?

How about the Latest News of all the Offers and Tricks Escape from Tarkov brings for all of its Players? But because of fewer Resources, many times we miss those Offers. I’ll try to inform everyone about the Tricks and Offers of Escape from Tarkov. In Order to do that, I need your Email Addresses. If you are interested, then you can Leave your Email in our Subscription Box. So that you never miss any Updates on Escape from Tarkov from now on.